7 Reasons to Involve your IT Provider when Implementing IP Telephony

IP telephony can be beneficial for a company, but it can also cause complicated issues during implementation if it is not well planned. This type of technology is directly linked to your computer network and can affect its performance. Therefore, it’s important to involve your IT provider from the start of your project and take stock of any imminent risks.


Commonly called VoIP, IP telephony consists in sending and receiving calls through an internet connection. Because it makes use of your network, the two technologies can have an impact on each other, hindering the other’s performance. If you’re considering using this technology, ensure you consult with your IT provider first. It can help you plan your IP telephony project while considering the effects on your network. This may help you avoid unforeseen issues that could be costly to resolve…

Here are seven reasons to involve your IT provider in your decision to make the switch to IP telephony:

  1. Your provider will help you make the best decision in terms of an IP technology and network provider that are best suited to your environment, using its experience and contacts.
  2. You’ll ensure your environment’s stability and performance. A project lacking proper planning could destabilize your IT environment, and your IP telephony provider won’t have any control over it.
  3. You’ll avoid complex issues. Once the technology has been implemented, it’s nearly impossible to revert the process. It can take 7 to 14 days to authorize a line transfer from one provider to the other. But problems need to be fixed immediately (ex.: disconnections, a slow network, etc.). A 24/7 call center cannot afford to put themselves in this type of situation.
  4. You’ll ensure your telephone system is reliable thanks to proper planning from the start. This way, you won’t compromise the quality of your customer service: your phone system will work in perfect harmony with your company network without one having negative impacts on the other.
  5. You’ll save time in terms of coordination and management. You’ll avoid complicated project management involving several technologies and providers that keep throwing the ball back into the other’s court.
  6. You’ll have better control over irregularities after implementation. If you involve your IT provider from the start, you’ll save at least 50% in costs related to future problems with your project.
  7. You’ll save money in terms of time, delays, and mistakes.

Old black phone

There will always be adjustments to make, and it’s natural as systems become more and more sophisticated. For example, with older mobile phones, you simply pressed the number buttons, and that was it. Now, smartphones can access the internet, and offer Wi-Fi capabilities and email capabilities, and more: they’re basically small computers. And the same goes for telephone systems. Making the switch to IP telephony is an important project for any company and should be taken seriously.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. But this step must be taken at the beginning of the process to allow for better planning, and to avoid potential problems.

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Photo credit: Quino Al

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