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ARS Solutions affaires et technologies

Since 1989, ARS has offered business leaders peace of mind for everything pertaining to their IT environment. It positions itself as a true growth partner for its clients and helps them find definitive solutions to their problems, as well as approach IT as a tool for efficiency and productivity.

ARS helps its clients use technology to manage their profits. It has developed a process which enables it to guarantee results 100% of the time. The IT-business connection is the key to success when it comes to ARS’ full service offering: strategic plans, reporting, infrastructure maintenance, data back-ups, and succession plans.

Simon Fontaine, president and founder of ARS, was selected by IT field leader CelebrityPress, to co-write The Business Owner’s Essential Guide to I.T. and All Things Digital – Vol.2, in collaboration with IT entrepreneurs from all over North America. The book became a best seller in two categories: Computer Science, and Computers and Technology. Ask us for a copy!