The Benefits of the Lime Blog Project for North-American Entrepreneurs

Since launching Lime Blog five years ago, we’ve gotten many comments and seen plenty of positive impacts, which makes those of us at Reptile very proud. We’re so pleased with the kind words we’ve received! However, we often get asked about our reasons for launching this online business community.
That’s why it was important to us to explain why we created Lime Blog, and the project’s benefits for North-American entrepreneurs.


The reasons behind it

Through the years, Reptile has been given many opportunities to speak at and attend conferences during different events. For the most part, the ones we have attended have had a commercial goal of promoting speakers’ businesses.

Seven years ago, Reptile made the decision to give conferences that truly bring value to those who are in attendance. To do this, Reptile decided to share our expertise with business people during presentations, rather than promote our agency as a business.

We always try to offer tangible advice that people can easily apply to improve their presence online, without discussing our agency’s services. This approach creates true value for attendees and makes our conferences much more interesting.

By sharing our expertise, we ended up strengthening our reputation, and contrary to what one might think, the strategy has helped us build an impressive number of lasting business relationships.

The advantage for businesses

North America has a very large number of entrepreneurs looking to move their businesses forward. We also have unparalleled expertise within a variety of fields here. Lime is a blog which specializes in entrepreneurship, where you’ll find articles linked to a common theme—the business world—approached from different points of view.

Chances are that few people have an accounting or law firm’s website as their browser’s homepage. However, many people are avid readers of platforms like CBC or Mashable. This is completely normal, as the topics covered by these sites are much more varied, making them a more complete source of information.

However, most of these consumer websites’ missions are to publish content written by journalists, columnists and analysts. They have more of an informative angle and publish facts and opinions related to current affairs. They are not tools whose goal is sharing experiences or a specific expert’s opinion.

By creating Lime Blog, our goal was to launch a different kind of platform which offered content that would help business people refresh their ideas by exchanging on a wide array of topics. A lot of information is shared on the blog, but also during in-person networking events.

2019 marked a definitive turning point for the blog and its contributors. Lime is proud to offer an English language version of its platform, which launched a little while ago. The idea was to reach a wider readership and help people from a variety of backgrounds, while maintaining our francophone audience.

Lime’s content opens the door to entrepreneurs who wish to get involved and share their knowledge with readers interested in business. As the goal is knowledge sharing, writing for the blog is free, and our posts always include a space where our partners are given full credit.

It’s a way of helping businesses show the value of their experience and giving them access to a small goldmine of information which includes tangible, relevant business tips.

Who can contribute to Lime Blog?

The blog selects its partners according to the quality of their expertise. This is what is most important to us. Our goal is to provide our readers with content that has plenty of tips to help them be more efficient in their day-to-day activities, while giving contributors the opportunity to post for free.

Lime is a refreshing business community both online and offline. We offer entrepreneurs and leaders added value through quality content, networking events, and inspiring conferences.

Want to contribute to Lime? Learn more about our partnership plans! You can also follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter.





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