Are You Authentic on the Web?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when I say that more and more people shop, get informed and connect online.


Why? Because it’s never been easier to access a plethora of relevant resources and reliable information (and a host of less reliable info as well) simply by scrolling on your mobile device or clicking a mouse.

When you need a product, a service or even a little information, you will always be drawn to a person who is friendly, a source you believe you can trust. Having access to Google for absolutely everything as well is great and all but there’s nothing like finding a professional (whether they be a salesperson or the head of a multinational organization) who can give us just what we need on the topics that interest us the most.

Beyond information, services and products, there’s another important piece of the puzzle. You.

Setting yourself apart from your competitors

Whether you like it or not, people who are interested in your business, your services and you have a preconceived idea of who you are based on what you show them. Not only from your profile photos on your various social media networks but also by the image that emerges from your branding (both personal and corporate), your interactions and how you present yourself online.


Are you an expert in your field? Do you have endless diplomas hanging on your wall and can you provide ironclad experience to future clients who will need you?

Have you taken the time to think about the fact that if people do not make an honest connection with you, either virtually or in person, they will not do business with you? Even if you are the absolute best in your field – the person they really need.

Your online persona must match the person you really are. You must share the same values, needs and joy that your work brings you. This is what gets you out of bed every day.

Forget the numbers

Unfortunately more and more people are relying the number of page likes the have on Facebook, the number of followers they have on Instagram or the number of contacts they have on LinkedIn to decide how credible you are.

Forget these people, you don’t want them as clients. They don’t know what they are missing.

Likes are not necessarily a guarantee of success, relevance or coherence. They don’t necessarily emphasize your skills or knowledge.


Putting yourself out there, the real you, no matter how many likes you have, and you will find people who are interested in what you do, what you have to offer and who you are.

You, as a person, will bring them added value.

You may not have as many Facebook likes as a competitor but in the end it doesn’t mean much and it doesn’t make what you do any less relevant.

People: The most important priority of all

Beyond the numbers mentioned above, there are people out there, waiting to listen to you and exchange with you.

This is why it’s so important to develop a friendly relationship with them that will transform into a feeling of confidence if the chemistry is good.

Finding your footing in an entrepreneur/customer relationship is a lot like online dating. Do you have what they need? Is the relationship a good match? If yes, it could be a discovery call or a trip to your store. If the match doesn’t work, no problem, they will continue their search elsewhere.


There’s something for everyone online. It’s up to you to be present and show who you are and what you do in order to attract the type of customers you need.

Success based solely on image can be deceiving for those who follow you. After all, they don’t really know you.

What’s worse than choosing a company, especially in the service sector, because the spokesperson was able to grab your attention, only to be disappointed because what we received isn’t what was promised?

Go out in search of authentic people. Create a network that you can trust. Your circle will grow and as you let more and more people discover who you are. People will gravitate to you because of your personality, your qualities, your knowledge and your expertise.

Success isn’t built on looks alone, it requires a strong foundation and that foundation is the person who you really are. Never forget that.

So, are you prepared to be yourself online?

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