Julie Rochon

Julie Rochon Visibilité Web

Brimming with creativity, Julie Rochon dove into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship taking the time to discuss, understand, and analyze her clients’ businesses, then suggesting actions to help them increase their online presence. Known for her ability to use plain language, she focuses on organic results, and values quality over quantity. With her, there is no magic formula. Each business has specific needs which require actions to help it shine within its field.

Through her practical downloadable guides and thorough trainings on specific topics, she has a single goal: show that it’s possible to use organic actions to gain better visibility for your business. And because some require personalized help, she also offers private guidance both on a technical and strategic level. SEO, content strategy, blog, newsletters, social media, and your website are just a few of the things she can help you with.

Calling Julie Rochon | Visibilité Web is ensuring you have all the necessary tools to make your mark online!