Staff Lounge Basics

Setting up a comfortable and welcoming staff lounge has become a must for businesses today. In fact, this room reserved for staff working in an office is now of critical importance for maintaining a positive and productive work atmosphere in the long term.


Employees need a neutral place where they can clear their minds, relax and socialize. This type of space is often neglected and furnished with the office’s old furniture or ill-assorted furniture. However, design, choice of colours and obviously comfort must be central to the thinking on setting up a staff lounge if you are to maximize the benefits of this space for the business’s overall performance. Here is some advice on setting up a comfortable staff lounge that employees will enjoy.

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Beverage area

A staff lounge without a quality coffee machine and a good selection of teas and herbal teas is inconceivable. There is nothing better than to discuss current projects with colleagues over a hot beverage. The right furniture must be comfortable and allow people to have close one-on-one conversations. The time allowed for dialogue and sharing of ideas among your employees not only improves innovation and creativity in the long term but also enhances the feeling of general well-being at the office.


Snacks area

Whether it’s for breakfast or an afternoon snack, stock your staff lounge with healthy food in order to provide an energy boost to your employees who need it when they are on a break. Choose snacks such as fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, yogurt or crackers. We recommend the use of tables, chairs and sofas with easy-to-clean surfaces and material in the areas where food is eaten.


Cafeteria area

For the lunch area, use modular tables that allow staff to take meals alone, by two in private conversation, in groups of four or in larger groups. This flexible table arrangement gives employees additional freedom to meet their needs of the moment. Daily interaction between employees in a healthy common area where it is pleasant to meet and to chat can only have a positive impact on the success of the business.


Chairs and other types of seats

The importance of providing staff with comfortable and durable chairs at their work stations, but also in the lounge or resting spaces cannot be emphasized enough. The level of comfort that is provided to employees has a direct impact on their recovery speed during breaks and meals taken at work. Once rested, employees will be able to continue their office activities in a more effective and relaxed manner.


Colours, materials, furniture and signs

Careful attention to colours, materials, signs and furniture will help employees locate the spaces reserved for them and move toward them from the business’s other working spaces.

Consider involving employees in the design of these spaces. Let them take advantage of these spaces by allowing them to decorate the walls or to add various decorative items. Place a few plants here and there for employees to care for. Install a bulletin board where employees can post notices and invitations to social events. The more you do to ensure that your employees feel at home in these spaces, the more they will enjoy using them and will increase their general well-being.

Everyone wins with well-designed rest areas.

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