THEMA Stratégies

Accompanying organizations and brave and bold humans to propel themselves forward is what THEMA Stratégies strives to accomplish every day.

This is why THEMA helps them, on the one hand, to create authentic and exclusive experiences for their employees, clients and communities and, on the other hand, to develop high-level skills, especially in communication and leadership.

An actuary by training, Stéphanie Dupuis founded THEMA Stratégies in 2007 to respond to a crucial need she witnessed: the necessity to have a global and collaborative approach focused on people and creativity to support organizations to prosper in a sustainable way.

At the same time, the way she lives her life and runs her business is rooted in the same intent: to work, play and give to people who believe that we need better leaders—for ourselves, our teams, our families and our communities. And who make a real commitment to do so.

If you recognize yourself, I look forward to know you.