Pierrette Desrosiers M.Ps.

Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded with entrepreneurs who were all more ambitious than the last. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that behind grand ambitions were often an entrepreneur and a family suffering in silence due to a lack of resources.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and their families increase their productivity and wellness. I’m the first psychologist to have worked in Canada’s agricultural sector. Through the years, my family business expertise has given me the opportunity to partake in various activity sectors throughout the country, as well as internationally. In the end, the recipe for success is the same for everyone, whether you’re from the agricultural or corporate world.

My in-depth knowledge of the most recent studies pertaining to neuroleadership, the psychology of success, the psychology of motivation, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence allows me to provide my clients with tangible and effective strategies.

Over 400 businesses have used my services and over 60,000 participants have attended my conferences and trainings.