Carole Turcotte
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Kinadapt is a training and workout centre which specializes in adapted kinesiology (“kin” and “adapt”), using the outdoors to work out, discover, learn, or simply have fun! Located on a beautiful 470-acre site in Rawdon, it offers seasonal activities. Surrounded by a pack of 80 huskies, time stops, and you get to fully enjoy a truly unique experience.

Our trainers organize thematic and personalized programs to help improve team spirit among company members by using nature and outdoor challenges while referring to traditional methods used by pack leaders to develop leadership skills.

The two-legged pack is made up of several kinesiologists, teachers, a psychoeducator, horticulturists and environmental specialists, adventure guides, facilitators, a silviculture worker, animal care attendants, and building maintenance attendants.

The four-legged pack includes numerous Alaskan huskies who were abandoned or came from the shelter. They have learned to live in a pack again, are incredibly loyal, and have become our best collaborators.