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Allo Destinations

Launched in 2011, Allo Destinations is a travel agency known for its personalized itineraries, turnkey packages and small guided trips. The business maintains solid relationships with its community of travellers who like precision, demand quality, and appreciate flexibility without having to spend a fortune.

Symbolized by the mythological winged horse Pegasus, which represents flight, escape, and freedom, Allo Destinations defines itself as a team that provides exciting travel experiences. Excitement encompasses emotions linked to the way the business designs trips. Allo Destinations’ expertise is in guidance, taking charge, and creating positive memories. The reliability of local partners guarantees travellers’ safety, while its employees’ creativity in building packages exposes customers to an unusual environment, and helps them live in the present moment, stay mentally and physically stimulated, and disconnect from any sources of stress.

Allo Destinations specializes in:
Personalized itineraries, turnkey packages, and small group trips, as well as collaborations with yoga agencies and studios.

Destinations: Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Ecuador, Vietnam, South Africa, Peru, and India.

The itineraries are designed to fill the needs of five types of travelers:
Explorer: discovery trips.
Adventurer: adventure and outdoor trips.
Family: family trips to discover destinations privately and comfortably.
Romantic: romantic trips for lovers and dreamers.
Zen: wellness and yoga trips for holistic health enthusiasts.

The agency is currently working on its new website, which should be launched at the beginning of 2019. It will reveal an enhanced offer in terms of turnkey itineraries and destinations. It will also offer a section featuring practical information to help travel agents better advise their customers, and aid them in preparing for their trip.